Salon and Spa Services

  • Skin Care

  • Hair Care

    • Highlights, Balayage
    • Color panels
    • All over color
    • Malibu
    • Root touchup
    • Mini color and mini light
    • Shine treatment
    • Corrective color
  • Massage

  • Facials Offered

    • Vitamin Hydrating Facial
      Basic facial, includes vitamin cleanse, towel steaming, a vitamin hydration mask, tone.
    • Acne Relief Facial
      Includes facial cleanse with a glycolic cleanser, towel steaming, salicylic mask, tone.
    • Anti-aging Facial
      Includes glycolic cleanse, towel steaming, salicylic mask with vitamin A extract, tone.
  • Add ons to basic facials

    • Hyaluronic serum- locks in hydration, improves cellular elasticity (anti-aging), and reduces redness and inflammation, healing for sun damage or excessive acne.
    • Organic Firming Agent ( organic compounds found in fish )- firming the skin, fights facial sagging, diminishes fine lines and wrinkles.
    • Vitamin c- promotes collagen production, reduces fine lines, and tightens skin, powerful antioxidants, 3.5 ph.
    • Vitamin a-6% retinoic acid, best defense against wrinkles, promotes thickening of skin, controls sebaceous gland acne, and reduces age spots, 3.5 ph.
    • Vitamin k-restores and repairs capillary related skin disorders(rosacea), reduces dark circles, healing to scars,3.5 ph.
    • Ellagic ultra moisturizer- reduces hyper pigmentation, superior hydration, gentle exfoliation of dead skin cells, inhibits enzymes that damage DNA strands.
  • Advanced facials

    • Light emitting diode facial with ultrasound- any basic facial with L.E.D. light to push in product and to heal skin with an ultrasound finish to reduce redness.
    • Micro-blade facial- micro-blade used to scale skin to remove excessive dead cells and to pack mask into pores.
      (microblade and LED can both be added to any facial)
    • Also for acne prone skin extraction of pores is also available.
  • Full service waxing